A monk, trying to atone for his troubled past.


I grew up poor, thieving and making do with what we had. Once I even killed a noble I was mugging and the city guard in my hometown is still searching for me . Eventually I was caught stealing from the monks whose order I have now joined. Seeing my poor state, they had mercy on me and to my amazement they invited me to stay with them. I graciously accepted their hospitality. They taught me the ways of their order, and that one should always look out for those in need. While their ways are not always orthodox, they are effective and generally considered good. It is for this reason that I often roam the countryside as I learn the ways of the order and discovery how to apply their lessons to my life. In my wanderings I have made many friends and have a reputation as something of a hero among the common folk in the rural towns surrounding my the city where my order’s temple is located. I was especially lauded by the town of farmers whose crops I saved from a raging giant boar.

If someone is in trouble, I’m always ready to lend help.
Respect. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
My tools are symbols of my past life, and I carry them so that I will never forget my past.
The people who knew me when I was young know my shameful secret, so I can never go home again



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