Pippa Weaverdew

Wandering bard, who makes her home everywhere but doesn't quite fit in anywhere


Born to an elf father and human mother: human first name, elf last name
Raised until the age of 12 in the human community of Mountain Top
Failed to fit into the community because slower to age than human children
Not accepted due to elfish blood
Father decided to bring me back home to his elf community of Forest View
Found elf community boring and monotonous
Not fully accepted by elves
Did age alongside the other elf children at the same rate
Discovered that I had a talent for barding in elf world, bringing together the deep love for lore and story of the elven race with the joie de vivre of humanity
At the age of maturity (25), I left the elf community and have never looked back

I change my mood and mind as quickly as I change keys in a song.

Sincerity. There is no good being anything other than who I am, because it doesn’t get you anything anyway.

I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me after I left the elf community

I never quite fully commit myself to anyone or anything for fear of another rejection.

Pippa Weaverdew

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